Let’s experience it first! OPEN CAMPUSLet’s Experience it first! OPEN CAMPUS

Over 10,000 participants yearly,
from Japan and all over the world!

The open campus events at Tsujicho Group will enable students to experience a “fun” and “realistic” hands on training workshop. Instructors who actually teach the culinary and confectionery arts classes will perform live demonstrations as they explain the process. They will also give advice to participants during the workshop.
Everyone from those who aim to excel in culinary and confectionery fields, to those who have not yet decided their life course, can experience “seeing, cooking, eating, and understanding” in just a day. We guarantee it will be time well spent!! Chaperons please participate as well!!

If your status of residence is ‘Student’,
you are conditional to apply for Tsuji Culinary Institute(Osaka) and
Tsuji Institute of Patisserie(Osaka).

Note that, all programs for the open campus will be held in Japanese.
Participants shall be able to understand Japanese.

Application Form for Open Campus (Japanese Only)
Open Campus

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