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Boiling Bamboo Shoot


one bamboo shoot, rice bran, dried red peppers

Choose a fresh bamboo shoot with a crisp white base. The bamboo shoot should be boiled soon after purchasing.

1.Cut off the tip of the bamboo shoot diagonally. 2.Turn the cut surface upward. 3. Make a shallow cut along the length of the bamboo shoot.
4.It should look like this. 5. Put the bamboo shoot in a pot with plenty of water. 6.Add about two handfuls of rice bran.
7.Add the dried red peppers. 8.Place a wooden drop-lid over the bamboo shoot and boil. It is done when a bamboo skewer can be stuck through the base, the hardest part of the bamboo shoot. 9. After boiling, place the bamboo shoot on a bamboo sieve to cool.
10.When cool, remove the skin, starting from the lengthwise cut. 11.Cut off the hard tip of the bamboo shoot. 12.Scrape off the bumps on the base of the bamboo shoot with the back of a knife blade.
13. Cut the skin off the base. 14.Immerse in water.