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Amaebi Ishiruzuke
(Shrimp Marinated in Ishiru)



(4 servings)
16 raw shrimp (ama-ebi)
a little trefoil
350 cc sake
250 cc ishiru
1 clove garlic
30 g ginge
2 dried red peppers


1.Combine 350 cc sake with 250 cc ishiru in a bowl. 2.Add 10 g sugar. 3. Peel the garlic and crush it with the back of the knife.
4.Crushing the garlic clove releases its aroma. 5. Slice the ginger finely. Add ginger, dried red peppers and garlic to the sake, ishiru and sugar mixture to make the marinade. 6.Marinate the unshelled shrimp in this for 30 minutes.
7.Remove the shrimp from the marinade and shell. Remove the tail as well. 8.Arrange on a dish and pour over a little of the marinade. Briefly blanch the trefoil stems in boiling water, then immediately refresh in iced water to bring out the colour. Cut into 1-cm lengths and sprinkle over the top of the prawns.

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