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Kamo no Kuro-Kosho Yaki (Grilled Wild Duck with Black Pepper)



(4 servings)
2 wild duck breast fillets
10 cm length daikon radish

black pepper


1.Trim off excess fat and slice the duck meat into 2-cm thick pieces. 2. Fold the slices and thread onto metal skewers. 3.Grill the meat over high heat and as close to the heat source as possible.
4.Sprinkle salt and black pepper liberally over one side of the meat. 5.When the first side is done, turn the meat over and sprinkle with more salt and black pepper. 6.Cook the duck until the skin turns light brown. Do not overcook it.
7. Grate the daikon radish. Lightly squeeze out excess moisture and pour on a little dark soy sauce. This is called "same-oroshi", which literally means dyed grated radish. 8.Serve as shown. Place the some-oroshi on the side of the duck closest to you.

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