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Kayaku Gohan
(Rice with Chicken and Vegetables)

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This is a very tasty rice dish, cooked with an assortment of ingredients, including carrots, burdock root, thin deep-fried tofu, konnyaku, shiitake mushrooms and chicken. I think it will appeal to just about everyone.

This is good when served hot, but it also tastes great cold, thanks to the flavour of the light soy sauce. An even more convenient feature of this dish is that it doesn't need many accompanying side dishes. All it needs with it is some tea and a few Japanese pickles. In a typical Japanese meal, a bowl of rice is served with side dishes for variety and taste. Kayaku gohan serves as both rice and side dish, as it contains so many different ingredients and the rice is well flavoured. It can be eaten all year round, it needs no special ingredients, and, on top of that, it's cheap to make.

Kayaku gohan is just the kind of thing that one would expect Osaka people to think up.

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