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(Savoury Custard Cup with Udon Noodles)

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Odamaki-mushi is like the popular Japanese dish, chawan-mushi (savoury custard cup), only it has udon noodles in it (thick wheat flour noodles). These days it is quite common. However, in the old days it was considered a luxury, as eggs used to be very expensive and not easily obtainable for most people.

Odamaki-mushi was originally something eaten on special occasions by merchants in the Kansai region. For most people it was an extravagance, to be eaten only when sick, as the number of eggs used rendered it quite a luxury in those days.

An "odamaki" is a ball of linen thread. The balls of udon noodles in odamaki-mushi resemble this, hence the name. The noodles give it bulk, so you get a good tasting dish that won't leave you hungry. For merchants in the Semba region, who were very careful with their money, this was a "real value for your money" meal.

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