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Eel Hansuke Nabe


(4 servings)

12 grilled eels' heads
1 cake grilled tofu
1 bunch scallions


600 cc bonito stock
200 cc sake
100 cc mirin (sweet sake)
100 cc light soy sauce


1.Cut scallions into 4 cm lengths. 2.Wrap grilled tofu in muslin and leave for about 30 minutes to gently drain the water. Cut into 12 equal pieces. 3. Place tofu and eels' heads in small earthenware pots (donabe). Each pot should have 3 pieces of grilled tofu.
4.In a separate pot, bring broth ingredients to the boil. Pour some broth into each earthenware pot. 5.To cook, place earthenware pots on a wire net laid over a gas burner. 6.Add scallions. It is ready when the scallions are done. Sprinkle a little Japanese pepper (sansho) over the top to spice it up further.
7.The finished nabe

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