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Learn directly from a top French Chef /Study Abroad + Train Abroad This is what’s unique about Tsujicho Group France!

 Introduction of our school in France


1Excellent environment and learning experience

Located in the suburbs of Lyon, France and situated in 2 castles, you will learn authentic French cuisines and confectioneries. The main focus of the lessons are thorough simulation trainings conducted by well-versed French instructors. With internships at top ranking French restaurants, you will acquire the essence of food through excellent environment and experience.

Brush up on your practical akills with simulation training in an authentic environment!Brush up on your practical akills with simulation training in an authentic environment!

2School is situated in 2 castles in Lyon, France

2 castles that nestle in the suburbs of Lyon, France. Located in an environment with abundant greenery, authentic castles have been renovated and turned into the Tsujicho Group France School.
In an environment where students can feel the esprit of French tradition at all times, you will learn the background of French cuisine’s climate, culture, and taste.

  • Tsujicho Group France School #1“Chateau de l’EclairTsujicho Group France School #1
    “Chateau de l’Eclair"
  • Tsujicho Group France School #2“Chateau EscoffierTsujicho Group France School #2
    “Chateau Escoffier"


3Various Top French Restaurants in France

At the France School, students will spend 5 months of practical training with “restaurant simulation”, then they will continue on with an internship position at top ranking restaurants.
There are over 100 restaurants from all over France situated in the internship (stage) location. From “starred” restaurants to patisseries and chocolateries, you will learn at local top venues.
Upon finishing the course, students will receive a “training completion certificate” which can be considered as a professional career. At a location considered the “heart of world’s finest cuisines”, your experience may be strict, but it will be fulfilling and is certain to greatly advance your strengths.

TSUJI Culinary Institute TSUJI Institute of PatisserieTSUJI Culinary Institute TSUJI Institute of Patisserie

4French cuisines or patisseries, how to learn from the courses.

French Cuisine Research Course
The 10 months where I learned and felt many things such as French culture and French peoples’ sensibilities.
Syunsui OoishiAt the France school, everyday from Monday to Friday, I repeated the restaurant simulation training. More than ever speed and preciseness were required in the training, which eventually enabled me to enhance my skills.
Although each day was pretty difficult, my fellow classmates and I encouraged each other as we were all aiming for the same goal.
After completing the France School course, I did an internship at a well-known restaurant for 5 months, working side by side with the French staff. Not only was I able to learn the skills, but I was also able to get a hands on feel for how the French people work, their sensibilities and dedication towards the profession. The experience will surely be advantageous for me as a professional in the world of cuisine.

Syunsui Ooishi Tsujicho Group France School:
French Cuisine Research Course
Graduate of E’cole TSUJI Osaka:
Tsuji French・Italian Cuisine Master College.

Patisserie Research Course
The experience and encounters I came across in such an authentic environment enabled me to grow immensely.
Chisa HasegawaWhat I was first in awe of was the abundance of food ingredients.
I was blown away by the fruits, butters, and wide variety of breads that I’ve never even seen before. During the restaurant simulation training, we used such ingredients to make French confectioneries.
At first, I was baffled by all the new confectioneries, but with daily practical training, I soon learned the techniques in speed, preciseness and teamwork in confectionery production.
Everyday I was immersed in confectioneries, as on the evenings we had meetings, and on the days off I would visit famous patisseries. The strict training I received from the local staff during practical training was also a valuable experience. The environment enabled me to grow immensely as I was able to attain a stronger mentality and skills.

Chisa Hasegawa Tsujicho Group France School:
Patisserie Research Course
Graduate of TSUJI Institute of Patisserie:
Regular Course

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