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2 years Confectionery Arts and Management Course
1 year Regular Course

A learning environment that nurtures “The power to make” and “The power to think”. This is what’s unique about TSUJI Institute of Patisserie!

1Learn “a multicolored genre of cuisines” from “expert instructors”.

You will learn a variety of confectionery arts such as Western and Japanese confectioneries as well as bread baking. Instructors with advanced skills and ample knowledge who are experts in each specialized field will guide you with dedication. This is TSUJI Institute of Patisserie’s greatest strength. By simultaneously learning all genres, you will acquire not only the skills, but a broad range of view and a bountiful of creative strength.

  • Western ConfectioneriesWestern Confectioneries
  • Japanese ConfectioneriesJapanese Confectioneries
  • Bread MakingBread Making

2A “learning environment” that ensures rising to the next level.

Unless you understand why something tastes good, you will not be able to make delicious confectioneries and breads (pastries). At TSUJI Institute of Patisserie, emphasis is not only on acquiring a high level of confectionery production, but also on acquiring knowledge in food hygiene, nutrition, and confectionery production theories. By learning both, you will gain a deeper understanding of confectionery production which can be applied to your future.

An Original “Education Program”
to comprehensively deepen one’s understanding.
First, you will be trained on the basic skills of each genre, such as how to use tools. Next, each student’s individual skills will be refined by training in measuring to preparations, and final touches. Furthermore, students will think about the production process on their own, and by dividing roles, you will also learn how to coordinate in a group in order to mass produce confectioneries.
With abundant practical training, you will acquire the basic skills of each genre.
Why was the confectionery created? What is needed in order to produce confectioneries that are safe to eat? How can one bring forth the foods’ nutrition and characteristics in confectioneries and what can be done in order to lead a healthy life? Along with such themes as dietary habits and health, students will learn about the food culture, safety and hygiene behind confectioneries. They are knowledge needed as a professional in the art of patisserie.

3Learn with “Studying in France” in mind.

Tsujicho group has a school set on location in a castle in the outskirts of Lyon, France, where students are able to learn French confectionery arts. By being able to experience a practical on-the-job training (internship) at a top French restaurant, students will be motivated and encouraged to advance their studies.
While attending the Regular Course, students are able to prepare for studying in France by taking a class which provides special support for the “France Studies Course”.
* Students not registered in the “France Studies Course” may also study in France.

Brush up on your practical akills with simulation training in an authentic environment!Brush up on your practical akills with simulation training in an authentic environment!

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