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Docendo Discimus
“By teaching, we learn”

Docendo discimus is a Latin proverb which means “By teaching, we learn.” It is said to be from a passage in a letter from the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger to his friend which is part of Epistulae morales ad Lucilium (Moral Letters to Lucilius).

Since the founder of the Tsuji Group Shizuo Tsuji opened the Tsuji Chef School (former name of the Tsuji Culinary Institute) in Osaka’s Abeno Ward in 1960, our school motto Docendo discimus has been continuously passed down to our faculty to the present as an educational belief which embodies the idea of “By teaching, we learn” and its utilization.

In regards to the motto Docendo discimus, Shizuo Tsuji passionately and repeatedly stated the following: “A school is a place where faculty provide all their knowledge and skills to students through classes and where faculty themselves continually learn new things. The reason why students study is because faculty members are constantly studying. By nature, there is no end to learning in the culinary and patisserie fields, and this is why people working in those fields will spend a lifetime learning about them.”

Docendo discimus are two words that represent our faculty’s dignity and circumspect approach. These words also express the wish that graduates, to which this motto is passed on to, will continue to study on their own about the actual culinary and patisserie related work that they are involved in, and drive the development of the food industry as they train the next generation.

A video message from the School Headmaster

Acquire the power of Cuisine

Tsujicho Group Representative・School Headmaster Yoshiki Tsuji

The world of cuisine and culinary arts you are about to step into has no such thing as a final destination. New chefs and new styles of cooking emerge every day with the change of times. In this world, once you are satisfied with the vast number of recipes you have mastered, you cease to grow. Put the other way around, even a single recipe can expand into countless others— ideas and creativity open up infinite possibilities. This is why the Tsuji Culinary Institute Group teaches not only recipes but also the skill of exploring recipes. We are here to help you grow into chefs and patissiers with a vision for realizing your great dream. Our methods and curricula do not strictly adhere to convention, because we aim for education that encourages you to acquire the power of cuisine.

Tsujicho Group
Representative・School HeadmasterYoshiki Tsuji

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