Let’s experience it first! OPEN CAMPUSLet’s Experience it first! OPEN CAMPUS

Over 10,000 participants annually,
from Japan and all over the world!

See what we have to offer at our open campus events at Tsuji Culinary Institute Group in Osaka. Live cooking and confection demonstrations led by our expert instructors give student hopefuls and visitors a fun and realistic look into life at the Tsuji Culinary Institute Group. We welcome everyone to attend, from current industry professionals to those with a budding interest in the culinary and confectionary arts. Chaperones, family and friends are encouraged to join for the day’s presentations and tour.

If you hold “Student” resident status,
you are eligible to apply to the Tsuji Culinary Institute (Osaka) and
Tsuji Institute of Patisserie (Osaka).

Note that, all programs for the open campus will be held in Japanese.
Participants shall be able to understand Japanese.

Application Form
for Open Campus
(Japanese Language Only)
Open Campus