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A learning environment that fosters creativity, knowledge, and leadership That is the Tsuji Culinary Institute Difference!

1Engage in world cuisines taught by expert instructors.

Specialized instructors with expert skills and knowledge in their specific cuisine guide you through the great food cultures of the world, including Western, Japanese and Chinese. Through the study of world cuisines and their cultures, you will acquire high-level practical skills, an intellectual breadth of knowledge, and a depth of creative strength.

  • Western CuisineWestern Cuisine
  • Japanese CuisineJapanese Cuisine
  • Chinese CuisineChinese Cuisine

2A distinct learning environment that nurtures personal and professional growth.

World-class cooking is based on a fundamental understanding of flavor and theory. The Tsuji Culinary Institute curriculum emphasizes development of advanced cooking skills as well as expertise in food hygiene, nutrition, and cooking theory. Classes conducted in our practical kitchens and academic classrooms creates a unique learning environment for our students to develop their gastronomical acumen and motivation to succeed.

An Original “Education Program”
to comprehensively deepen one’s understanding.
Kitchen training begins with the basics of cooking, such as how to hold a knife, the various knife cuts, and fundamental cooking techniques. Students learn to think about cooking holistically and refine their individual skills through preparation, cooking, plating, and finishing complete dishes. Practical training in groups also provides students opportunities to grow as leaders -- coordinating members and delegating tasks in the kitchen. With abundant practical training, students start their time at Tsuji Culinary Institute Group by acquiring the basic skills of each cuisine.
Thorough training establishes fundamental kitchen skills, and through the process, students learn to answer the food industry’s larger questions: How does “cuisine” evolve? How do we balance nutrition with the flavor characteristics of a given cuisine? How does cooking help us lead a healthy life? How do we ensure food safety? From diet and health, to food culture, food safety and hygiene, students of the Tsuji Culinary Institute group engage in the academics of gastronomy, a vital aspect of growing professional leaders in the food industry.

3Study Abroad in France and take your studies to the next level.

Our school has an advanced culinary school in Lyon, a capital of the gastronomic world.
Students study French culinary and receive hands-on instruction from the faculty.
Students also have internship experiences at restaurants including Michelin starred restaurants in France.
For student who wants to go abroad in France
Please choose 「go abroad in France course」of 「Tsuji culinary institute・Regular course」.
If you choose that course, you can apply for go abroad in France in advance.
If applicant exceeds capacity, selection test of go abroad in France will be held.
In addition, you can take a special class “study abroad life support” (free of charge).
(You can learn points of class, lifestyle, and basics of French.)
You will be selected for go abroad in France scholarship system.

Advance your skills by training in a world-class learning environmentAdvance your skills by training in a world-class learning environment

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